About Poly-Bersch

“POLLY- BERSH" EOOD is a motor transport company, established in 1994.

Who are we??

We have many years of experience in the field of automotive logistics.

Our main activity is import and export of new and used cars from Europe, England and Asia.

We started with one truck, to meet our personal transportation needs, but the growing market and need for transportation and logistics in the automotive industry and trade, necessitated the rapid increase of our fleet.

We have fully engaged in this activity, so that we can offer quality to our customers.

Truck transporting cars
Car Carrier Semi Truck Trailer on the Road

More about us

We constantly analyze our work, so that we can develop and improve constantly. All our staff care about the level of service provided.

We have built a service base for our equipment, as well as a place to store and distribute your cars.

We can offer transport of single cars and full loads (8-9 the car). Of course, we provide preferential prices for full loads.

We supply from car manufacturers to dealers, leasing companies and end customers.

Semi truck with car carrier trailer

We offer attractive prices and realistic delivery times. Fast and efficient transport, without intermediaries- you save time and money.

Our customers can count on reliable information and feedback. Also on the- the optimal solutions, that meet their needs, at competitive prices.

Our experience in logistics makes us specialists in delivering your vehicles.